Message from the Potentate. 

Illustrious  Potentate Clyde Bowie

 Nobles and Ladies of Alee    I am humbled, and honored at having been elected as your Potentate for 2017. But I am also challenged to put the best face forward representing Alee as the best temple in shrinedom. Lady Mickey and I would like to thank each of you who attended the business, and election affairs of our temple. I would like to also say, thank you to all who helped put the election on. I thank the temple secretary, and chief of staff’s wife Colleen Humphries for the overwhelming job of making sure everything was in order. The Alee Pirates unit for the libations, and Noble Steve Reed for providing the sweet music. Also, noble Craig, and Annette Perry for providing food for the ladies, and our reception. Ms. Carol Roberts and her grand crew of ladies for the beautiful decorations. I would also like to say thank you to Ill. Sir John B. Johnson for being the election chairman, Ill. Sir Mack Griffin for being the master of ceremony, and noble chief of staff Freddie Humphries, and my personal aides for all their help. I would also at this time like to thank Past Grand Master Clyde Griffin of the Ritualistic Divan for his help, and guidance thru my years in masonry, which has made it possible to be Potentate this year. Together my brothers this year we will “ HIT THE LONG DRIVE FOR OUR KIDS “  I would like to thank each noble for your commitment, and dedication to what we do as shriners this year.  In closing I would like to thank our Roadrunners for the tireless job they do in getting our kids safely to our hospitals. Let our heavenly father guide and direct us in all that we do. May peace and harmony prevail, and let us not forget our Shrine children, soldiers, and those who are ill, when on bended knee.

Alee Shriners Potentate


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Clyde Bowie